Thursday, August 22, 2013


In spite of the week we've been having, Lucas felt well enough to start Pre-K today! He was excited. He couldn't wait to show everyone his new Justice League lunchbox and his cool gray and neon green tennis shoes which make him run super fast. After we dropped Hannah and Leah off this morning, it was finally his turn to go to school. Since he just turned four at the end of last month, we opted to do a year of private Pre-K at a nearby church to see how he handles it. If he is ready for kindergarten next year, he can start at the public elementary school down the street where his sisters also attend. Or, if we feel he needs another year of Pre-K, he can do a second year at the public elementary Pre-K program. As a teacher, I know the benefits of being the older person in the class instead of the younger. Do I want him to graduate high school at 17 or 18? Do I want him to start college with the "maturity" of a brand new 18 year old? Is there anything wrong with keeping him "under my wing" one extra year before sending him on his way into the real world? These are things we'll have to consider. But for now, we just have one happy, eager, sweet little guy who really enjoyed his first day of school. 
Ready to go inside!
Sitting at the table coloring a picture. 


Sarah Purdy said...

Look how proud his is! What a cutie. I agree - don't rush him into school if he's not ready. And besides - you get playtime and naps in preschool...not so much in kindergarten any more!

Sarah Purdy said...

PS...did you enjoy having an empty house? I hope you drank an entire cup of! :)

Emily said...

I did enjoy my day! And I drank some hot tea (although I love coffee too) in peace. It felt very luxurious!