Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Oh Sweet Lorraine

You guys....I just spent a good fifteen minutes sitting in front of my computer doing an ugly cry. My friend shared this link on Facebook this morning and I clicked on it while I was waiting on my van to get an oil change. I quickly realized I couldn't be in public while watching this video. I needed to be alone with a box of kleenex, but oh it is such a good story involving love, loss and music. As the story suggests, in light of the crap that was the MTV video music awards the other night, this proves that there is still something pure and wonderful happening in music. I know so many friends who are musicians, and who are producing real, raw, powerful, good stuff, like sweet Fred in this story. I wish more of them were highlighted. So I'll do my part to share the love. Please take a few minutes to read the story and watch the video about a 96 year old man who entered a song writing contest after losing his wife of 75 years just a month earlier. He was no musician, not even a singer, but he wrote lyrics that expressed his love for his beloved wife and shared their story beautifully. In light of my mom's passing two years ago, it hit me extra hard as I thought about my dad reflecting on their own 41 years together. There were so many good memories.

Ok, go watch. I'm going to have to go re-do my mascara now since it all just washed off.


Oh Sweet Lorraine

Also, you can buy this song on itunes to support Fred!

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