Friday, August 30, 2013

The Easing In

The first two weeks of school are pretty much the glory days of the year. Mainly because the routine has been established and the kids are away for a few hours, yet none of the "extras" have started yet. And by that I mean after school activities for both the kids and me. There is an "easing in" to the school year that I have always appreciated. Piano lessons start next week, gymnastics begin on Thursday, soccer sign-ups a week from Saturday, my ladies Bible study starts mid-September. This year I have been especially grateful for this slow pace because I have spent the last week feeling as sick as I have felt in a long time. Turns out when you combine strep throat with bronchitis and a stomach virus, you feel like you are dying! Without the help of my family, the Galloway ship would have sunk. Because you know when Mom goes down, the whole house turns to chaos. Thankfully, things didn't get too out of hand this time, and I have been doing a lot of resting. A week later, after a doctor visit, antibiotics, prescription cough syrup and a bland diet, I am feeling human again.

Today I just hung out at home with Lucas all day, taking advantage of the easy pace. Letting him guide our time. Oh there was Memory and Candyland and books to read. Then there was the above activity I like to call "the poor man's swimming pool." He had a blast filling the tub up with water, letting his dinosaurs and spider-men go for a swim, then dumping it out and doing it all over again. I am so glad we were able to chill out all day. I think I am on the mend, people!  


Ashley said...

I had no idea you were so sick. I'm so sorry. I can't imagine how terrible you must have felt. Remember the long lost cousin is always happy and ready to help in any way I can. Being sick and a Mom at the same time is as hard as it gets.
PS- The Lorraine thing made me cry too.

Emily said...

Thank you, Ashley!