Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Today I Am Thankful For

My three year old (who turns four a week from today), has been on my last nerve today. I sure love that boy, but oh my. Can we say meltdown? There have been many. He has had more time out and more privileges taken away than just about any other day I can remember. I have talked him off a ledge only for him to run straight back to it again and again. I managed to keep my cool throughout it all, but it has been a challenging morning for sure.

With that in mind, I thought a thankful list would be the exact thing I would need clear my head and remind me that even when temper tantrums and discipline take up my day, I have so much to be thankful for.

* I am thankful that Lucas went down easily for a nap. He fell asleep around 2:30 and here we are at 4:15 and he's still going strong. Let me say, he NEEDED it. And so did I.

* I am thankful that my girls have played nicely today. Since I was dealing with the three year old monster, I at least had my two older children setting a good example. It might all change tomorrow, but I will take it today!

* I am thankful that my friend came over this afternoon and helped me deep clean my entire house. Just because she wanted to. We're talking mopping, cleaning the blinds and wiping the baseboards. Now that is true friendship!

* I am thankful that we have had three days of rain this week. In July. In Oklahoma. Normally we are in a drought about this time. Our yards start turning brown and people look to the sky hopeful for a few drops. We're talking three days of absolute downpour. My grass is bright green and my plants and flowers look happy.

* I am thankful that Mike works so hard at his job which allows me to stay home with my kids. Even on days like this, I love being their mom.

* I am thankful for hot showers.

* I am thankful for a fridge and pantry full of food.

* I am thankful for clean clothes and a comfortable bed to sleep in.

* I am thankful for this little blog of mine and the friendships I have made through it.

I think I feel better already!

I will add this picture just to remind myself that he really is a very sweet boy.
He wanted me to take his picture with Ellie and send it to Mike yesterday afternoon to "make Daddy happy." 
Kid, even on the challenging days, you make us both so very happy.


Ashley said...

I remember those days all too well. We skipped terrible two's and got double action with trouble making three's. Boys are busy, that's for sure!

Sarah Purdy said...

There must be some sort of big growth spurt right around the time kids turn four. My daughter has had a really rough month - lots of defiance, arguing, emotional outbursts - and she's suddenly napping again after almost completely phasing them out. If she doesn't get a nap...whoa doggies watch out! But then there are days when she's super sweet and so smart and so articulate and you think to yourself, "Ah, my baby's so big!" and you find yourself hugging and squeezing them and wishing they'd never grow up. Sigh. Parenthood.