Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Happy Birthday, Lucas!

Someone please explain to me how this boy......
 Turned into this boy........
Oh wait. They grow up? Oh man, this process is so wonderful yet so sad. My heart can't handle looking at all these baby pictures! I vividly remember the day he was born. He came into the world weighing 7 lbs. 13 oz. with a head full of thick black hair. He had the sweetest little face and a chin and eyebrows just like his Daddy. His sisters were only 4.5 years old that day. They seemed so big then, but soon he will be 4.5, and he's still my baby! We all adored him the instant we laid eyes on him. Of course, I loved him the moment I knew he was growing inside me. Before I knew he was a he. Before I knew anything about him. I knew he was wanted and loved and fearfully and wonderfully made.

 Daddy, Mommy Lucas
Mommy, Hannah and Leah

Lucas, 4 weeks old

He continued to grow and change. Smiling all the time with big brown expressive eyes. He loved to snuggle and seemed to be the most easy going baby ever. 
Bath time in the sink
July 2010
Vacation at Robbers Cave State Park
Easter 2010
 Leah in love with her new brother
August 2009
My mom and her "handsome boy"
August 2009
My sweet two year old
July 2011

June 2013

Lucas Gabriel, You are a true joy to us. Your life is so valuable and so important. You have a tender heart and show compassion to others. Just last night before bed, as Daddy and I were tucking you in, you offered to pray for Daddy since he hasn't been feeling very well this week. You give hugs freely, especially in the morning. The first thing you always do when you wake up is find me and throw your arms open wide. It melts my heart. While you are caring and gentle, you are also rough and tumble. You love to be outside. Swimming is on your list of favorite things to do. Along with anything related to kicking, hitting, or throwing a ball. You are a whiz at Memory and Candy Land (your two favorite games) and you are thrilled when we walk to the park in our neighborhood. You love your sisters, but are glad when other boys are around to play. You aspire to be "a Superhero or a Dad" when you grow up. Today you told me that apple slices are your favorite food to eat. You are smart and funny and sometimes stubborn and difficult. There are days you try my patience, but no matter what,  I can't imagine having a more wonderful little boy. Daddy and I love you so very much.

Happy Birthday!!


Sue said...

What a beautiful tribute to an adorable little boy.

affectioknit said...

Sweet! Happy Birthday!

~Have a lovely day!

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday Lucas! There's something about those boys that just melt your heart.

Sarah Purdy said...

What a sweet boy you have! Happy birthday Lucas!

Emily said...

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! He had a great day on the 24th and we're gearing up for his party tomorrow morning! Yep, we'll keep him! :)

Hello There Tracy:) said...

love those cheeks!