Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Few Shots From this Week

This week has been busy, so naturally it flew by! Here's a look back at my week as seen by the pictures on my phone.

Came home to find someone had run into our trash can cracking it from top to bottom.
Later that evening the kids and I attended a birthday party for a good friend and neighbor. They totally wore themselves out on the many inflatables and rock wall.

Lucas spent his last day as a three year old swimming all day long. He and his sisters played hard. So hard that he fell asleep at the dinner table.

Lucas turned 4!! We had a great day and capped it off by letting him choose where we went for dinner followed by cake, presents and ice cream at home.

Thursday was my good friend Nikki's birthday. We met up with Nikki, her husband, Reed, and two other couples for dinner, then headed home for cake, coffee, and a lot of laughing. 

Our kids had a lemonade stand to raise money for tornado victims from the devastating May 20th storms. The kids had a blast and raised $73! 
Our stand open and ready for business!
It took a lot of lemons to make that lemonade, but it was so good!

Today we had Lucas' official birthday party. We had awesome weather for late July and everyone had a good time. I'll post pics and a full report soon. Hope you have been having a wonderful week too!


Maria Rose said...

Wow! You have been busy. I am tired just reading that

Sarah Purdy said...

Are those signs made out of frames, glass, and scrapbook paper to make an adorably awesome wipe off board? Gah! I've seen them on Pinterest and have been wanting to make one. I'm in love. Whew - you had a crazy week. I think you should go wild and treat yourself to a new garbage can. Treat yo' self!

Emily said...

Yes, they sure are, Sarah! Just add a cute scrapbook paper and wipeable markers and voila! My friend has a few hanging in her kitchen and she uses one to write her grocery list and the other the list her kids' daily chores. And thankfully, the City of Oklahoma City treated us to a new trash can. We done been treated, yo! :)