Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Big Cedar:: Day 4

If you're still hanging in here with me as I write these vacation recaps, kudos to you! I'm not a crafty scrapbooker girl, so this here blog will one day serve as my family's photo album. So, without further adieu, here's a look a Day 4 (Just one more day after this, I promise).

We decided that since we had been on our feet walking all day in the sun, Day Four needed to be all about swimming and relaxing by the pool. We headed to the Wilderness Club where the lazy rive, outdoor slide, hot tub, kiddie pool, and indoor pool (with another slide) all sit within very close range. In addition, there is a snack bar which serves not only kid favorites, but upscale appetizers and adult beverages too. We found some chairs in the shade and parked our rear ends. The girls are good enough swimmers that they could run around and do their own thing most of the time. We just required that they check in often. The four remaining adults took turns hanging out with Lucas which left the other three adults time to read, take a nap, and breath deep.

 Hannah on the slide
Leah coming down
 My girls, posing like they are thirteen. What is up with that?
 My three year old little fish!
 He's about to jump in!

 Leah, Hannah and me
 Midway through the day, Mike and I took Lucas to the stables for a ten minute pony ride. He was too young to do the big ride the girls and my dad and I went on a few days earlier. So he was thrilled that he got a chance to get on a horse as well.
 Hanging on to Old Festus. Yes, that was the pony's name. 

That evening, My Dad, Sally, Hannah, Leah and myself all drove into Branson to see a show. My dad got tickets for us to see The Acrobats of China, which when compared with some of our other options (i.e. Hillbilly Hoedown and The Three Redneck Tenors) seemed like a great choice. And it was! The acrobats did amazing body contortions, balancing acts, gymnastics, and dance numbers. Hannah and Leah were amazed and loved every minute of it. It was very entertaining!
 Before the show

 Waiting for the show to begin
 Dad and Sally
 After the show, the girls got to meet some of the acrobats and post
 After the show, the girls got to meet some of the acrobats out in the lobby and pose for a few pics. I jumped in on this one.

Since the show didn't even start until 8:00 and was a 45 minute drive from Big Cedar, we opted to put Lucas down for the night. I can't imagine having to chase that little monster around way past his bedtime! Day Four, our last full day of vacation, was a lot of fun!

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