Thursday, May 30, 2013

Support Team

Yesterday Leah had to have some dental work done. Remember when I told you about the abscess on her tooth? Well, she finished her antibiotic and it was time for the tooth to come out. Even though it was a baby tooth, it was a molar and required a bit of tugging and twisting to get it out. Leah was nervous. We prayed together in the car before we went in, and to my heart's delight her sister and brother provided a great support system. They were both concerned for her and offered to hold her hand. Lucas kept patting Leah's leg saying. "You're doing good, Sister!"

The bad news is that she has to have two more teeth out next week. The poor girl has inherited my teeny-tiny mouth. We already have an appointment with an orthodontist this summer. I think we are in for a long ride with her! 

How do you comfort your kids when they are scared? Especially when they are scared about something that will cause a bit of discomfort, but you know it has to be done. 

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