Saturday, May 11, 2013

Life is Just a Bowl of Strawberries

This morning I opened my eyes, stretched, and heard the sounds of dishes clanging in the kitchen. I glanced over to see if Mike was up, but he was still sleeping. Turns out Hannah and Leah had hatched a plan to make me breakfast in bed. Soon I saw their smiling faces come around the corner into my room. Between them they were balancing a bright red tray. My breakfast included a bowl of Fiber One cereal, a bowl of vanilla yogurt topped with more cereal and sliced strawberries, another bowl of plain sliced strawberries, a tall glass of orange juice and a jar with a few flowers and leaves from our garden. Apparently they are concerned about my strawberry intake! Of course I made a big deal about how wonderful and thoughtful it was, and they beamed with pride. Then they ran off to go jump on the trampoline. It was also very thoughtful of them to leave their mess in the kitchen for me to clean up. Not. But I think I will let it go this time. I sure love my sweet little girls.

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