Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Potty Training Advice

Warning: this post discusses bodily fluids. My apologies in advance.

Ok, I need some potty training advice. In March, we finally made a big advancement in Lucas' potty training--he started wearing big boy undies. As if a switch went off in his head, overnight he started peeing in the potty like a champ. He even stays dry at naptime and overnight. He is Mr. Super Reliable when it comes to #1.

Not so much when it comes to #2. He basically refuses to poop on the potty. At first he would ask me for a pull up to do his business in, but I refused thinking it would only take one or two times of him pooping in his underwear to realize how yucky that feels. That message has yet to sink in. He is perfectly happy to go in his undies, and I am tired of cleaning out stinky britches!

I don't feel like punishing him is the right way to go here, but we have offered lots of incentives for him with no success. New toy? Sure! New superhero costume? Okay! Still waiting for him to give it a try.

What do you moms out there think? Any advice? My girls did not struggle with this. It's a good thing the boy is so cute!

So I don't end this post on a stinky note, here's a sweet picture of Lucas from our trip to the library today.


Maria Rose said...

While I haven't been in your exact position, so you can take my idea with a grain of salt, I have a few ideas...
1) Let him poop his pants, no other options, but do a little gentle shaming (Wow, you stink, wouldn't it be so much nicer if you could poop on the toilet).
2) Watch him like a hawk and when you notice the poop face run to the bathroom with him.
3) Emphasize the big boy aspect of it.
4) Make him help clean up the accidents. So gross I know, but emphasize how nasty it is and he may not want to do it.

Emily said...

Good points! I will give them a try!

Kristi Gilmore said...

Landon was the same way for months!!! Then all of a sudden, one night he wanted to try on the potty & he did it! I asked him every night until he did it and tried bribing him with all kinds if stuff, nothing worked. He then wanted to go all the time and would have a meltdown when he couldn't make himself go lol. He is still waking up wet from naps and bed time though.