Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Do This Today

I am about to issue you a challenge today. Are you ready? Ok, here goes....

Sometime today, before your head hits your pillow tonight, WRITE YOUR CHILDREN A LETTER. Don't tell me you are not a good writer. Don't say you are too busy. It doesn't need to be long or win a Pulitzer. It just needs to include how much you love them. How special and unique and amazing they are. Tell them how wanted they are, and how much joy they bring you each day. Share a funny story if you want. Tell them what they are doing these days. Write about how they were hand-picked just for you and you wouldn't trade them for anyone or anything in the whole world. When you are finished, put the letter(s) in a safe place. I can guarantee that one day, when you are gone, this letter will be worth more than all the diamonds and gold in the world. It will be priceless. Just trust me on this one.

PS-do this for your grandchildren too!


Maria Rose said...

Great idea! Challenge accepted

Rachel said...

We forget how special a simple letter can be!! I accept the challenge!! =)