Wednesday, January 25, 2012

These Quirky Kids Of Mine

Sometimes the things that come out of my kids' mouths crack me up. Sometimes it is what they do that puts a smile on my face. Daily I am reminded of how wonderful and quirky they are.

Take, for example, this conversation with Leah about her two special pink blankets she sleeps with every night.

Leah: "Mom, can you wash my blankets today? They stink."

Me: "Sure, it is probably time to wash them."

Leah: "Yeah, they smell like an upside down dirty dog."


And Lucas is even getting in on the quirkiness. Lately he has been obsessed with wearing a pair of pajamas that have basketballs, soccer balls and footballs all over them. He calls them his "ball jammies" and wants to wear them ALL the time. This past weekend, we put them on Friday night before bed, he wore them all day on Saturday, and Sunday morning we convinced him to put jeans on, but the pajama top stayed on for church. We finally got him to take them off for a bath later Sunday night. Like I said, he wants to wear them all the time.

I think it is the quirky things they say and do that make them so very unique and special to me.


Susan said...

I don't have any ball jammies but I enjoy my new penguin jammies! I don't look as cute as he does in his, but I feel cute nevertheless.

Maria Rose said...

I love discovering their eccentricities!