Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Addams Family

I just got in late from an interesting night out. My friend Nikki and I went to see the traveling Broadway production of The Addams Family. Of all the musicals I have seen, this was by far the most unusual. I can't say it was my favorite. Here are some facts (and opinions) about what we saw tonight.

* All the performers did a really good job of embracing their characters.

* At any given moment we thought Morticia was going to have a wardrobe malfunction.

* Uncle Fester sang a really odd song about how much he loved the moon. Like he was "in love" with the moon and appreciated their long distance relationship.

* Wednesday Addams married a normal guy named Lucas.

* The storyline was a bit weak.

* Grandma Addams smokes weed.

* The couple sitting in front of us left at intermission and never returned.

* There was a song that made reference to Charlie Sheen.

* Lurch, the butler, breaks out into song and dance at the end.

* It was still fun to have a night out!


Rachel said...

It'll be a memory for sure!! =) There are just too many funny points. I don't know if Grandma smoking weed, Morticia's almost wardrobe malfunction or the couple never coming back is my fav!

Victoria said...

I love live theater, in all its different incarnations. It sounds like this was weird but wonderful.