Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Need To Be Held

This is a picture of Hannah when we stopped for lunch in New York City almost two weeks ago.  I posted it the day I took it, but I'm posting it again because I love it.  I love the sweet, yet somewhat grown-up expression on her face.  I love the way the light falls across her face, and I love the city in the background.  I imagine her as a young college student stopping by for a quick by to eat with some of her friends. I have so many hopes and dreams for my little girl. She is thoughtful, careful and precise.  She loves to draw, write, read and create.  In a crowd, she is quiet and reserved, but she smiles easily and loves to join in on a game or competition.  In some ways, she is wise beyond her years, and I forget that she is only seven.

But then there are days like yesterday.  Let's just say that her attitude was less than stellar.  She was whining, bossy with her sister, and emotionally breaking down at every little turn in our day.  It was clear by late afternoon that she needed some time alone in her room to calm down.  She tearfully stormed off and flopped down on her bed sobbing.  I gave her a good ten minutes by herself, then took a deep breath and went in to have a little heart to heart with my fragile girl.  By then she was ready to listen, and we ended up having a good conversation.  She apologized for her attitude and I said I forgave her and kissed her little forehead.  Then she hit me with this...."Mom, can you just hold me for awhile?  Sometimes kids just need their moms to hold them."  

Be still my heart.  Yes, sweetheart, I will hold you.  I will always hold you.

And so she crawled in my lap, wrapped her arms around me and put her head on my chest.  And there we sat.  The late afternoon sun was shining through the blinds in the window; the only sound was the tick of the clock on the wall of her room.  I could feel her breathing.  After a few minutes, she was ready to move on, and our evening went along smoothly.  Sometimes we just need our moms to hold us.

I sure love that little girl.

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Rachel said...

such a precious reminder. she is a very special little girl!