Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Saying Sorry

Saying the words "I'm sorry" is hard.  Well, actually the words are not so hard as the actual feeling that goes behind the words.  If it is hard for an adult to admit a fault and ask forgiveness, how much harder for a seven year old or a two year old!  Training a child to be humble and repentant and quick to forgive can be a tough job.  My girls are finally "getting it" most of the time.  They know that saying "I'm sorry" is not a magic phrase that can be yelled nonchalantly.  They know that they have to look someone in the eye and really mean it and hug it out. Sometimes Hannah will be honest and tell me, "I can't say I'm sorry because I don't feel it yet."  In that case, I send her to her room to cool off. She always comes around though and can honestly ask for forgiveness.  I want my kids to know that we expect everyone to treat fellow family members with the utmost respect.  In fact, we should really love others better than we love our own selves (I'm still working on this one!).  I have read that the best preparation for marriage is having successful relationships with your siblings.  You have to learn to work things out, share, compromise, and forgive.  I pray that we are starting our kids off on the right track!

All this talk about your saying sorry reminds me of a video I took yesterday.  A few minutes prior to shooting it, Lucas had hit Hannah over the head.  I told him to tell Hannah he was sorry, but he's still not quite sure how to handle that. He's learning. Shortly after that incident, I shot this video and captured his spontaneous "I'm sorry" moment.  

I will transcribe the video for you.

Me:  Will you tell Hannah you're sorry?
Lucas:  dramatic pause......Nope
Me: Why not?
Lucas:  I catch! I run! I throw!  I telephone (?)
*Silly noises*
*Exploding noise*
I'm sorry.
*Hugs Hannah*
Hannah:  It's okay.
Leah:  There you go!  He finally said sorry!


Maria Rose said...

So cute! Cordelia has been working on that too. She apologizes to Bumblebee for hugging her too hard and today she apologized to her unborn sibling (not to me) for jumping on my stomach.

Rachel said...

Lucas is just about the cutest!! Love his loud noises followed by the spontanious sorry!!

Susan said...

Sorry has to be the hardest word!