Monday, January 2, 2012

I'm Saying The Word "Resolution"

I know, I know....the word "resolutions" is controversial at this time of year.  Do we call them  resolutions?  Goals?  Aspirations?  Dreams?  Whatever you want to call them, I think they are important.  It's important to have something to work toward, to strive to attain.  I always go into making this list with a lot of grace.  I will probably not meet all of these resolutions/goals.  And I'm okay with that.  In general, I don't beat myself up for things.  And looking over last year's resolution post, I am happy to say that I achieved quite a few of them (yay!), while others completely by the wayside.  No biggie.  Let's keep on keeping on this year and see where that leads. Sounds good to me!

So, in no particular order, here are twelve of my resolutions for 2012:

1. Continue to maintain a consistent time in God's Word
2. Get in bed earlier
3. Read more
4. Continue to work on cookbook/writing project
5. Not worry about what other people think about me
6. Have monthly date nights with Mike
7. Add variety to date nights-- i.e. go to plays, try new restaurants, check out a museum, see a concert etc.
8. Continue to exercise twice weekly (three would be a bonus!)
9. Write hand written notes to others (stealing this one from Jacquelyn because I love it!)
10. Incorporate healthier meals into our weekly meal plan
11. Begin reading the Little House on the Prairie book series with Hannah and Leah
12. Meet monthly for lunch with my mentor

In addition, I am happy to say that I plan to continue to blog daily this year, with one exception.  Sunday.  I plan on taking Sundays off for this year to really try to take one thing (however small) off my plate that day.  Also, Mike is working on a new blog header for me, so look for that soon.  I've been using the good old free templates from Blogger for almost four years now.  It's time for a more updated look, I do believe.  Looking forward to that!

More importantly, I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU as I begin a new year.  Last year was so full of ups and downs for me.  It truly was the most difficult year of my life thus far.  So thank you to all my readers who faithfully encouraged and prayed for me last year. I am incredibly humbled and grateful for each of you.  It has been very therapeutic to write, and I appreciate you coming with me on my journey.  Love to you all!

OK, 2012....bring it on!!!!


Maria Rose said...

Awesome list. I also think that you and I should learn to make pies together, awesome pies!

Rachel said...

I like your Sunday idea!! I'm so very proud of you for blogging all of last year. It really is work to daily least I think so. And hooray for Mike working on a blog header. Can't wait to see it!!

Talsie said...

My dad always says, "Life changes. Not resolutions". Resolutions are too easily broken I guess...
I think it is amazing that you want to write a cookbook (me too. I have this idea for an inspirational, story filled cookbook)! Good luck this year! Maybe we can have lunch/dinner sometime soon! On my "resolution" list is reconnect with old friends and build stronger relationships with current friends.