Thursday, January 26, 2012

Butterfly Ball

Tonight was a big night for my girls.  They went to their first ever Father-Daughter dance!  Every winter the girls' elementary school hosts "The Butterfly Ball" which is a school fundraising event, but one that the girls in the school really look forward to.  Last year we didn't go.  Mainly because we were consumed with my mom's illness and the girls were just in kindergarten, so we opted out.  This year, Leah came home and announced, "Mom!  I have something very, very importanent (this is how she says "important") to tell you!  We get to go to a Ball!  A real Ball, like Cinderella!!!"  How could we resist such unbridled joy?  So today, the girls put on their fanciest dresses, and Mike wore a tie, and Daddy and his two beautiful daughters went to a ball.  The girls danced along with their friends and Mike endured small talk with the other dads there.  He even got in a dance with each girl.  I'm sure it will be something they will always remember.  And I hope they always see their dad as their first Prince Charming.
 Hannah ready to go to the ball!
 Leah posing for the camera
Mike sent me this pic of Hannah cutting a rug on the dance floor.
He said they had a lot of fun.