Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Year Ago

Sometimes I like to look back to one year ago.  So I did just that this evening and marveled at how much things have changed.  
Here's Hannah and Leah one year ago.  Last year, they were five about to turn six.  Now, next week they turn seven! We're getting ready for a party this weekend!
Last year, they were just a few months into kindergarten, and just learning how to read.  
Now they can read with ease and are growing in their new found freedom!
One thing that has not changed, though, is their love for each other.  They truly are best friends.

And look at this little guy!  Last year he was still sitting in a high chair.  Now he sits at the table like a big boy.
Last year he knew only a small handful of words.  Now we has a large repertoire of words and cracks us up on a daily basis.  Last year, he looked like a baby.  Now he looks like a little boy.  
One thing that has not changed is his sweet, loving personality.  I hope that never changes.


Victoria said...

So sweet. Time flies too fast. How is your Lucas today? Hope he is feeling a bit better :)

Emily said...

Yes, he is much better! The eye drops helped his eyes clear up immediately! Thanks for asking!