Tuesday, December 20, 2011

First Day

Phew! What a fun-filled first day we had! We headed to the Big Apple--just me, Mike, my dad and the girls (Lucas stayed with Gram, DooDad, and Grandma Velda and had a fun day of his own, soaking up all kinds of grandparent attention and love).

We arrived in the city about 1:00 this afternoon, grabbed a quick bite to eat at a deli near Penn Station, the took a cab to Battery Park where we finally boarded the ferry that took us to Liberty Island. We chose to sit on the top deck to take in all the scenery, and it was cold! Still, it was pretty amazing to look over and see Lady Liberty herself looming large in the sky. We walked around the island for about an hour, then took another ferry to Ellis Island. After an hour there touring the amazing Immigration Museum, we took one last ferry back to Battery Park. We were pooped!

Once we returned back to Mike's parents' house, Mike's brother and his family arrived with dinner. The girls were thrilled to see their cousins and started playing right away. I love evenings like this-- no worries, no schedule, no plan. Just family and food and lots of laughter. Everyone crashed into bed exhausted tonight, but with hearts so very full.

We even wore the dogs out as you will see in the last picture. Our kids sure love playing with Gus and Woodrow.


Emily said...

Ok, the Blooger App totally put those pictures out of order. Oh well, I think you still get the idea. :)

Tanda said...

Looks like a wonderful day! Enjoy every minute!

Hayden looked at his newborn cousin yesterday and said, "Lucas is a lot bigger then him." Yep, buddy, he is. :) I guess he Lukey on his mind.

Jacquelyn said...

You look super hot in your new york outfit. HOTT. For real.

Sweet little woodrow!!!

Maria Rose said...

SO glad you are having such a good time.

You and your crew sure make a good looking bunch!

PS word verification, bivalve

affectioknit said...


Have a lovely day!