Monday, December 5, 2011

Pink Eye

My friend Maria said pink eye is like a plague on this earth. I agree. Lucas woke up today with his eyes crusted over in yellow-green goop (hope you're not eating breakfast!). After I placed a warm washcloth over his eyes, he struggled to open them due to their puffiness and sensitivity to light. He kept saying, "Eye hurt!" I called our pediatrician and she was willing to call in some eye drops so I didn't have to get him out in the bitter cold wind today (wind chills in the low teens = brrrrrr). But I had a feeling there was more to the story, so I took him in. And sure enough, he had ear infections in both ears in addition to pink eye. The doctor said his right ear was so bad that she expected his eardrum to burst later tonight (so far it hasn't!). I felt so bad for my little guy today. We started antibiotics and eye drops immediately (those were sure fun to give. hear the sarcasm in my voice?) We also gave him lots of snuggles and put him to bed early. I am praying he wakes up feeling much better. And that none of our eyes are crusted over in the morning!


affectioknit said...

Oh no! Bless his heart!

Maria Rose said...

Oh man! I hope that sweet little guy is hanging in there! You too, it's gotta be awful to administer those meds! Hoping the eardrum didn't burst!