Friday, December 23, 2011

Day Four

Oh what a mellow day we had today. It was much needed too. We slept in and took it easy all morning and did a little shopping in the afternoon. We finished the day up with a night on the town with Mike's brother, Juan and his wife, Tracy, as well as Mike's sister, Rachel and her husband Juan (yes, I have two brother-in-laws named Juan!). We went out just the six of us--no kids! We ate dinner at a funky Mexican place called Tinga, then walked to the movie theater in Westfield where we watched the new Mission Impossible film, and capped off the evening with coffee and dessert at a fun place called Rockin Joe's. I sure do love all my brothers and sisters-in-law. We all get along so well; we laugh a lot, and I am so grateful for each of them.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve! I can't wait! We have gift wrapping and lots of baking on the agenda.


Jacquelyn said...

Sounds perfect!

Maria Rose said...


My mother married a Mike and has a brother Mike...and my dad married a Sue and has a sister Sue. So the two Juans seems fairly normal to us.