Friday, May 13, 2011


My sister-in-law Rachel has been here with us this week. She is just awesome. Not only does she help out with things like laundry or dishes, but she is so easy to talk to and has been a shoulder to cry on as well. I remember when I first met her back in 1996. Mike and I had only been dating for three months and I flew up to New Jersey over Christmas break to meet his family. Rachel was only 16 years old. My first impression of her was that she was very pretty and had a beautiful smile. Over the next fifteen years, I have watched her grow into a lovely , mature, compassionate woman. She is a perfect partner to her husband, Juan, and an amazing mother to their daughter, Velda. She writes a great blog too. Check it out here.
Rach and me yesterday evening.

Rach and me tonight. Notice her super cute new haircut!

Thank you, Rachel, for helping me through this tough week.

PS--I had trouble getting on to Blogger last night. Just relieving the panic that I'm sure you all felt when I didn't have a post yesterday. :)

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Maria Rose said...

I do like her haircut! Glad you have such an awesome sister-in-law!