Thursday, June 13, 2013


When it comes to gardening, my thumb is about as far away from green as possible.  I like the idea of beautiful flowerbeds and overflowing vegetable gardens, but....well....

It gets hot here, people!!

When you experience over thirty days in a row of 100 + heat, you start to not care at all what is living or dying in your yard because your body is on a mission to find water and stay cool. However, that being said, many people around here have beautiful gardens. They either A. pay someone to take care of them or B. they get out there and sweat it out. This is going to be the summer I sweat it out. This is going to be the summer my flowers will survive. I will water them even when I don't feel like it. I will pull weeds early in the morning when it is only a mere 90 degrees. I will have a decent looking yard come August! I'm saying this in my most determined sounding voice. 

This year, we planted a new tree in the front yard, rearranged and trimmed back a few bushes, added splashes of red and yellow flowers to the front, and then mulched it all to make it look finished. In the back yard, we kept it simple. In our small flowerbed we lovingly call "Grandma's Garden", I let each of my kids pick out whatever flower they wanted to plant next to our Japanese Maple (that my friends planted in honor of my mom on the one year anniversary of her passing). Turns out, all my children like petunias-- Hannah chose purple, Leah chose pink and Lucas chose yellow. Then I planted a few flowers in some pots for the back porch and called it done. One day I hope to have some raised beds for a vegetable garden, but that is still down the road a bit. 

Ok blogging are now free to hold me accountable and ask me at any time if I am watering and taking care of my flowers!

So what about you? Do you have a green thumb? 

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Maria Rose said...

Good work! I have a light green thumb.