Thursday, June 27, 2013

Big Cedar:: Day 2

We woke up the next day ready to start a full day of vacation. We headed over to Truman's Cafe for a waterside breakfast. The views at Big Cedar are fabulous. And our food was yummy too. Next we found a playground nearby and let the kids run around and work up a good sweat. 
 Hannah and Leah at Truman's
Shortly after their playground run, we found a miniature golf course and decided to play. It wasn't crowded which was good because a family with three kids who have never golfed before moves at a glacial pace. The girls loved it, but Lucas was more frustrated by it all. He gave up after three holes and just ran around acting like his crazy self. 
 Lucas on his first attempt. He was actually focused and happy here.

 Hannah waiting for her turn.
 Mike helping Leah perfect her swing.
 Hannah in the big fish
About halfway through the course, we found this enormous fish. Of course, they all lost interest in golfing and just wanted to play inside of it. I don't blame them. It was cool, in a freaky "Jonah and the Whale" kinda way. 
 Leah golfing and Lucas running around
Lucas paused long enough for me to snap a smiling photo.

After our mini-golf adventure, we went back to our condo and swam in the pool for about an hour. The girls played "Wipeout" at the pool. They even interviewed each other with a pretend microphone before starting each "race." Lucas strapped on his floaties and joined in the fun. They must have gone down the twisty slide about 50 times. Our tummies were rumbling again, so we dried off, changed clothes and ate a quick lunch. Lucas went down for a nap, and my dad and I took the girls horseback riding. The four of us love to ride. I find it really soothing to be out in nature with just the sounds of the wind and the birds. Our ride was an hour and a half long, over rolling hills and through shady woods. My horse was a gentle boy the color of vanilla pudding. His name was Haas. Leah's Appaloosa was named Comanche and Hannah's horse was named King. King kept stopping to have a snack of grass and he looked like he had been dipped in white paint. My dad was at the rear of the pack riding a beautiful copper colored horse with a spiky black mane, appropriately named "Spike." I didn't bring my camera on the ride as I am not an expert rider and wanted to stay alive by holding on with both hands. Therefore, no pictures to show. Bummer. 
When we got back to the condo, Lucas had just woken up with a bright new attitude and lots of energy. What could tame this wild thing? More swimming of course! 
We went to the Lazy River at Big Cedar and floated through the beautiful, winding course at least three or four times. We swam in the indoor pool, then we let the kids swim in the "kiddie pool" (which Lucas called the "kitty cat pool"). We walked back to Truman's in our bathing suits for another dinner outside, gazing out at the lake as the sun started to slip behind the mountains. Our evening concluded with some s'mores over a campfire and a drive through the park in the fading light of the day. 
Our second day was officially a success.

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Sounds like a nice and laid back day!