Monday, June 10, 2013

A Full Schedule

We came back from our vacation last weekend, and we hit the ground running. Here's a peek into our whirlwind week.
1. An insurance adjuster came to our home and declared that our roof is a total loss. We put our last roof on in 2010, but a big hailstorm at the beginning of May took it our again. Plus it cracked a window and ruined our gutters. So, looks like we'll be doing "New Roof Round 2". Yippee! Part of living in a wild weather state, I suppose.
2. Took the girls to the dentist for a cleaning. Neither one had any cavities, but Leah had two more teeth pulled. And we had to make an appointment with an orthodontist. Looks like we're starting that process this summer.
3. Both Ellie and Tundra, our sweet kitties, saw a new vet. As sweet as they are, they are a nightmare to transfer to the vet, so I decided to call a vet who came to me! She was great and the process was way less stressful than it usually is. Turns out our old ladies are in good health except Tundra who is overweight. No news there since we call her "Ro-Tundra". Trying a new cat food for her and checking the vet visit off my to-do list.
4. Vacation Bible School happened last week. The girls attended at a church down the street where several of their friends go. They had Bible stories, music, crafts, canoeing, games and fishing. They had a blast! 
                       Hannah at VBS
                    Leah ready to craft!
5. Hannah and Leah are now in the phase of having play dates with friends all the time. Since they are in school, they have developed a few close friends and all they want to do is call each other and play at each others' houses. They went to two different friends' houses last week. Both times they went swimming and came home totally wiped out! And I am feeling more and more like a taxi service!

This week is looking a lot less busy and I am welcoming a slower pace! Phew!

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