Thursday, December 13, 2012

RACK:: Day 9

For our ninth act of kindness, we armed ourselves with candy canes and went to the grocery store ready to hand them out. The girls had a lot of fun as they simply handed them out, smiled and said, "Merry Christmas!" to passing strangers. It brought smiles to their faces as well! Our cashier seemed a grumpy old man at first, but smiled as the girls handed him his treat.

Today brought another visit to the doctor's office. This time, for Lucas. I've managed to bring all three of my kids to the doctor this week (Hannah had the eye problem earlier in the week, both Hannah and Leah had flu shots and today I brought Lucas) which I think is some sort of record for us. At least I should get some sort of award, right? Anyway, he woke up with a fever and nasty sounding cough. And guess what? Pneumonia is in da house! It's a mild case, thankfully, so he is on antibiotics yet again and we're hoping to see a lot of improvement very soon.

This weekend I plan on taking the girls to do a "kindness blitz" where we will do a variety of activities to make up for our crazy week this week. Get ready!


affectioknit said...

Doubly sweet!

~Have a lovely day!

Emily said...

FYI: I quit writing about our acts of kindness simply because we scaled back our ideas to the most basic and simple things we could think of-- opening doors for others, smiling at the cashier at the grocery store, writing thank you cards for gifts, etc. These acts of kindness were equally valuable and important, but didn't give me much to write about, so I just kept them quiet. A few rounds of sickness and the business of the season were the main reasons for the scale back.I still think we walked away from our "acts of kindess" project with a lot to learn from it, and hopefully my kids will now see just how easy it really is to share God's love with others!