Tuesday, December 11, 2012

RACK:: Day 8

When we originally made our list of ideas for our random acts of Christmas kindness, we knew that there would need to be some flexibility.  We knew we would experience busy days or days with sick kids and that our kindness act just may not be accomplished.  I knew that this past weekend would be one of those crazy weekends, so we got behind a bit. I am a big believer in grace and so we just shrugged it off and are back on track now.  I can tell you that my friend, Maria, is also participating with me on my Christmas Kindness list, adjusting the list as she sees fit. And we have been adjusting too! You don't have to spend money to show kindness to others! Some of our favorite things so far have been leaving encouraging notes in random places. It really is fun and my kids have looked forward to each and every activity.  Our eighth act of kindness was yesterday. It was one of those free and simple things to do. It was trash day, so the kids and I rolled our neighbor's trash can up from the curb before they got home from work. It took about 30 seconds, but it was a small way to show someone you care. And it showed my kids that being kind doesn't have to cost money or take up tons of time. I hope they learned that you can show kindness anywhere, at any time. My goal is that they live lives looking for those opportunities.

Yesterday also turned out to be a day of unexpected waiting. Hannah woke up complaining about her eye hurting. After a quick examination, it appeared to be nothing, so I sent her to school. Around noon, the school called saying she was in the office again complaining about her eye. To be sure it wasn't pink eye, I took her to our pediatrician. She examined her eye and determined Hannah needed to be seen by a pediatric opthamologist. Something was bothering her eye, but our doctor couldn't see it without the high powered equipment a specialist would use. So off we went again. Another waiting room, more kid wrangling, and eventually we saw the eye doctor. He examined her eye, dropped in more eye drops, looked and looked and eventually flipped her eyelid inside out to determine that she #1 had a scratch on her cornea and #2 had some very small debris up under her eyelid.  Ouch!  He fished out the debris and irrigated her eye and sent us home with ointment to apply for the next five days. Hannah took it all like a champ. Her poor eye was puffy and red and sore, but today when she woke up, she said it felt a bit better. We have no idea how she did that, but we're glad that experience is behind us now!

I hope you all are having a great day! Would love to hear about your own acts of kindness if you have been inspired!

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Jacquelyn said...

Oh my word! I can't believe she handled that so well! That made me queasy just thinking about all that eyeball touching. Yuck. Glad she's better. :)