Monday, December 3, 2012

RACK: Day 3

Today's RACK activity was not so "random." Instead, we kept it simple and decided to make get well cards for my step-mom, Sally. She had hip replacement surgery last week and is home recovering. Oh yeah, I have a step-mom now, did you know that? My dad got married on the 17th of last month. There is so much I could say about that day and the days leading up to it, but I'll save it all for another post. For now, the best word I can use to describe that day is bittersweet. It was sweet to see my dad so happy. I like Sally a lot and I know they will have many happy years together. I look forward to forming a good friendship with her and my kids will have a "grannda-figure" in their lives again. For these things, I am truly grateful. On the other hand, it was also a "bitter" day. In my mind, I saw it as the official end to my family-- the family that I know and love.  I cried and I laughed that day and honestly I am really glad it is over. Now we can simply look forward.

So, Sally, we wish you a speedy recovery and hope to see you back even better than before! PaPa should be bringing the cards home tonight after Bridge Club!


Maria Rose said...

I love that you are approaching this with such honesty!

Ashley said...

You've been on my mind with this new change to your family. I admire your love and support of your Dad. Not sure I'd be so graceful. No one could ever come close to the sweet, kind person I knew your mother to be. I think she was one the nicest people I've ever known and her daughter is the same way. She'd be proud of you.