Tuesday, December 4, 2012

RACK:: Day 4

Day four of our random acts of Christmas kindness found us holding a bouquet of flowers and two chocolate bars to take to school this morning. When the girls and I made our "kindness list", I encouraged them to think about people who work at jobs that are service oriented or people who work "in the background." We listed out teachers, school secretaries, nurses, firefighters, custodians, etc. We tried to think of ways to honor and thank these types of people who normally don't receive a lot of recognition. Our two lovely school secretaries not only do the typical secretary work like answering phones and checking students in and out throughout the day, but they also play many other roles-- especially nurse (since we don't have a school nurse). They are the ones to put band-aides on scrapes, comfort feverish kids until a parent arrives, and hand out saltine crackers for upset tummies. They are the first faces anyone sees when they enter our building, and they deal with all kinds of parents (happy, upset, difficult, frantic, etc.).  The girls had a lot of fun walking into the office this morning and handing their gifts to Mrs. Moore and Mrs. Brandon. I think our secretaries really felt loved and appreciated which was our goal, so mission accomplished! Stay tuned for Day 5!

On a side note....I am still working out the picture situation. I will hopefully be able to post some soon!

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