Wednesday, December 5, 2012

RACK:: Day 5

Tonight's act of kindess took us to the public library. We had a two-fold mission:  pay for a random person's library fine and leave an encouraging note hidden in a book for someone to find. The girls each took some change out of their money jars and I counted what coins I had in my purse and together we had $3.50. When we got to the library, we first had to pay our own fine. A-hem. But then we offered to put our money toward someone else's fine. The young lady at the desk seemed honestly touched that the girls wanted to do such a thing. Afterwards, we found a book and hid a message inbetween it's pages for someone to find one day. Our note read, "You are loved! You are special!" My prayer is that whomever stumbles upon it will need to hear just those words.

Of course we couldn't leave without checking out a stack of our own books to take home for the next few weeks. Lucas found his favorite book, "Toot! Toot! Beep! Beep!" by Emma Garcia. He always wants to check that one out. That and any book by Eric Carle. The girls have moved into reading chapter books, so they perused the Junie B. Jones and Katy Kazoo books. They are growing up so fast.

And I think they are starting to realize just how fun it is to give.


Sue said...

I love what you are doing with your kids!

Maria Rose said...

Awesome! We are on that today!