Friday, July 8, 2011

Plaza Night

It's the second Friday of the month-- do you know what that means? It's time for Live! On the Plaza! The Plaza is full of funky antique stores, cafes, art galleries, tattoo parlors, musicians, street performers, and boutiques selling local, Made-In-Oklahoma products. It was hot out tonight, but we decided to take on the heat for a lovely outdoor evening.
Hannah, Leah and Lucas upon our arrival in The Plaza.
My "major hunk" felt right at home, so he plopped right down on the sidewalk.
We stopped to watch this guy and his fire sticks for awhile. Before he began, the guy told the small crowd gathered on the sidewalk, "I'm going to do some flaming swords of fury. I've actually never done this move before though." Great. Thankfully, he didn't set anyone or anything on fire!
Hannah watching the flaming swords of fury.

All in all, we had a great night out. What did you do today?

PS-- Please excuse my absence tomorrow. We're going to the lake for a little family fun! I'll be back on Sunday!


Maria Rose said...

Awesome! Maybe I should go downtown and see if I am any good with flaming swords...

PS Major hunk!
PPS Have a fun time at the lake!

Hello There Tracy:) said...

Today we slept in late and snuggled in bed until Juan's tummy was a rummbling so I made him his fav. breakfast for his sorta birthday - you see, his birthday is Monday and I and the boys will be out of town so he wanted to go to the pool as a family today. We swam, played frizbee and played tennis badly. River had to go to work at the ice cream shop at 6 so we headed home so she could get there in time. The Juan took Hailey and the boys out to Five Guys burger place and I stayed home and drank a veggie drink from by Juice machine. I am such a good girl, until I couldn't sleep tonight and ate a bowl of cereal and a piece of cheese. I know, strange combo. The boys watched Pirates of the C. and I worked on my message I am preaching in a few weeks at a church in China Town NYC. Tomorrow the boys go to summer camp and I go to NYC to help lead a missions team in the city for 7 days with Wonder Voyage missions org. that I am working with. Connor woke up with a horrible toothache and big cavity so we are off to an emergancy visit to the dentist in the morning instead of church to get his cavity filled before camp. Too bad we let our dental insureance laps last month. Now it is out of pocket. bummer. I wish I had gotten to that part of my pile of things to do. So that is it for now except I can't sleep. Excited about tomorrow I guess. River leaves for El Salvador next week too. We are all on the go. Just got back from NC and MD. Had a great time. All it well. Love you, t:)