Sunday, July 17, 2011

Girls' Night Out

It is a rare thing that my friends Kim, LeAnn, and Becky are all in town at the same time.  You see, Kim and LeAnn are both army wives and have both lived in multiple states (currently New York and Kansas).  And Becky (Kim's sister) lives in a smaller town in southern Oklahoma. So when the stars are aligned and they are all here we make certain that we all get together for a girls' night out.  I have known these all of these ladies for so many years and in so many ways-- high school, college roommates, European travels, church youth group, and many other crazy adventures.  I cannot tell you how special they each are.

For this weekend's girls' night out, we planned to meet at a local Greek restaurant called Zorba's.  The food there is excellent and to top it off, they have a belly dancing show on Saturday nights!  You know we all got up and tried it at the end (as you will see in the photos).  Although none of us is considering a belly dancing career, it was fun.  And we got a little bit of exercise to boot!
Kim, Michelle, LeAnn
Me, Becky
The whole crew
One of the belly dancers.  I will say it got a little uncomfortable when all the men in the restaurant started slipping dollar bills into the belly dancer's skirts.  
Attempting some belly dancing arm movements.  I'm sure the professional next to us is thinking, "These girls have absolutely no skills whatsoever, but I'll smile and pretend they do."
Me, Kim, Michelle and two belly dancers.  Yes, Michelle is 8 months pregnant and still attempted to belly dance.  We all admired her!
LeAnn and Becky living it up.

I am so grateful for friendships that have stood the test of time!


Maria Rose said...

How lucky you are to have such amazing and lasting friendships!

Anonymous said...

Friendships can be more reliable than romantic entanglements

Susan S said...

That looks like a fun night...and Michelle should get some sort of prize!