Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I See His Glory

In the day to day mundane tasks of making breakfast, folding laundry, and picking up toys, I sometimes lose sight of who You are.

In the weariness of disciplining children, running errands, and bedtime routines, I sometimes don't feel Your presence.

In the sadness of missing my mom, remembering her touch, and crying till I feel utterly empty, I sometimes forget how much You love me.

But then, at the end of the day, I catch a glimpse of the colors in the sky as the sun begins to set.  In the distance I see a rain shower moving across the plains, and the vibrant indigo sky framing it all.  And when I see all of this, I breathe it in.

I remember that You are the CREATOR, my PROVIDER, my PEACE.  I am reminded that you are with me ALWAYS, even to the end of the age.  And I know, deep in my core, that you LOVE me with an everlasting love.

In these times I can see Your GLORY.

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Jacquelyn said...

This is beautiful. And this title is such a coincidence in my life right now. I have recently starting saying one simple prayer every morning when I wake up "show me your glory today. Open my eyes to how you show your love for me." I have a list on my phone titled "Today I saw His glory" and each day I write what that thing was. From a sunset to a flower blossom to my dad taking care of me by handling my car stuff to a conversation at lunch. God's love for me is everywhere!