Monday, August 2, 2010

Old Lady Update, My Camera Declaration, and Midnight Snacks

Well, our Old Lady (aka our 2000 Ford Focus) has made a turnaround and has decided to survive!  Turns out the cables that connect the battery, whatever the battery connects to, were corroded and just needed to be replaced.  A mere $39.99 and she lives to die another day.  She now sits in her usual spot in the driveway only to drive Mike to and from work.  Mike and I have decided that other than transporting him to work and back, she is only to be driven if there is some crazy life or death situation where we need to drive it somewhere.  As in if there is ever a zombie outbreak, and our other car has been set on fire, so the Ford is our last means of escape.  Even then, I'm not sure she could outrun a mob of zombies which is sad to say.

In other news, I am also at a crossroads with my camera situation.  I am feeling fed up with my old digital camera (which takes not so great photos), but I still don't feel comfortable with my newer, nicer camera.  I need someone with some camera experience (i.e. Buffy, Tanda....if either of you are reading this!) to give me a tutorial on how to use my Rebel. Seriously.  Maybe then I can have wonderful photos (like my friend Maria and my sister-in-law Rachel who both always take great pictures).  I'm declaring that in August of 2010 I will figure our how to use my camera and put it into practice so that I can better document my life!  There, I said it.  Now it's out there for you all to hold me accountable.

It's getting late here, and before I go to bed I am going to have my traditional "midnight snack" of cereal.  I go through phases where only certain cereals can satisfy my cravings-- Cocoa Pebbles, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Special K Red Berries, Oh's, Kix, Raisin Bran Extra! (weird, I know), and currently it's Golden Grahams.  They are too sweet for me to eat in the morning, but somehow their graham- crackery goodness fits the bill for a late night snack.  What cereal are you currently craving?  If you're into cereal, that is.

Hope you all enjoyed my random, late-night post! :)


Jacquelyn said...

I want some Berry Berry Kix. Stat.

I thought of the ol' lady today while my ol' lady was in the shop. She just plain wouldn't turn on Saturday night around midnight. I was sortofalmosthoping that she had decided August 1 was her day to die. But alas, $100 later she lives.

I hope our cars will zoom together in their new car bodies in the highway in the sky someday. But not too soon, because I'm not ready to carshop just yet.

I wanna new camera.

Mike said...

You get 60 points for mentioning zombies in your post! However, deduct 85 points for suggesting we use my car as a getaway car amid a zombie outbreak.

affectioknit said...

I love the zombie mention - we finally let Scout watch 'the night of the living dead' the other day - I thought it would be too scary - but he loved it of course - he didn't like the ending though... glad the old lady survived!

Tanda said...

Great pictures of zombies chasing me in my head right now. :)

Would love to "show" you how I work my camera, but explaining it would be a different story. You should read some of the basic pioneer woman photography tutorials if you get a chance. She explains the why pretty good and then I will show you the what. :)

Maria Rose said...

Do you have the rebel xsi? I can tell you a few of the tricks we learned with our camera...