Friday, August 6, 2010

First Birthday Cake Pictures

Mike just sent me these photos of Lucas eating his birthday cake during his first birthday party a few weekends ago.  I love the story they tell!  In the first picture you can see that there was happiness and excited anticipation.  He was thinking, "I don't know why everyone is singing to me, but I like it!" Then there were the moments of him actually tasting the cake.  He loved it!  And he proceeded to make the traditional "first birthday cake mess" that all babies must do.  But as he was enjoying this first slice of cake, the crowd of excited children pushed in closer around him.  In his sugar-high state, I'm sure their facial expressions and loud voices made him a wee bit nervous.  In addition there were camera flashes going off like a crowd of paparazzi all around him.  And it was 7:30 which is definitely bedtime for this little birthday boy.  So....we then proceed to pictures number three and four:  crying and reaching out for Mommy.  

Even with cake smeared all over his scrunched up, tear streaked face, he is still the cutest little one year old boy I know.  


affectioknit said...

Awww! that's so sweet!

Maria Rose said...

Those are great. He is too cute!

You Are My Fave said...

First birthday cake photos are always the best. I thought maybe he decided the cake didn't taste all that great. What a cutie.