Tuesday, August 24, 2010

East Coast Bound

Well,  part of my family and I are boarding an airplane tomorrow bound for New Jersey.  I am currently up late getting Mike, Lucas and I all packed up to travel to see Gram and DooDad and the rest of the Galloway Crew.  Mike's Uncle James is getting married this coming Saturday evening in Central Park.  Hannah and Leah are sadly not coming with us this go round.  For two reasons:  1.) It is their second week of kindergarten and we don't want them to miss half of it.  2.) Mike's parents graciously used their Advantage miles to fly us up, and with Mike's current unemployment, we just couldn't justify spending another $600 or more on tickets for them.  Especially since this will be a quick trip (we'll be back Sunday).

It's a bittersweet trip because I always LOVE going to see Mike's family and I love getting to hang out in New York City.  But I will be very sad not to have my girls with me.  And we wish our job situation were a little different as well.  I guess there is more "sweet" than "bitter" in this trip, which is good though.  Please say a prayer for safe travel for us as we fly and for peace for the girls while Mom and Dad are away.  Oh and strength for my parents as they take on 24/7 Twin Mania!!! :) 

Thanks, Friends!

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Maria Rose said...

Can't wait to hear about the trip!