Friday, July 16, 2010

Vacation Recap:: Day Two

Day two started off with the calm and hazy morning light pouring through the treetops.  It beckoned us all out of bed early and pulled us outside as soon as the breakfast dishes were cleared away. 

Hannah and Leah were like two kids in a candy shop with the selection of pine cones, rocks, pine needles and bird feathers found laying around outside.  They were constantly pretending to be explorers finding their "treasure."  One time Hannah found a dead butterfly, so they had a proper funeral to bury it.  And of course they played their fair share of tag and hide-and-seek.  Oh the joys of playing outside and getting your hands dirty!  They loved it.

The first plan for day two was to go canoeing, so we loaded up and headed down to the lake.  The girls had never been in a canoe and it had been years since I was last in one, but we all climbed in and enjoyed the sounds of the paddles dipping in and out of the water as we glided across the water.  I didn't take my camera for this adventure because I knew that if I did I would surely drop it in the lake.  But now, I regret that I didn't take the chance because I could have taken some pretty sweet shots.  I guess the memory will just have to stay in my mind!
Hannah pretending to be Pocahontas during one of the girls' many outdoor playtimes

Lucas and me enjoying the view
After canoeing, we came back to the cabin made some homemade pizza and a big salad for lunch.  We devoured it after working up an appetite rowing!  Later in the afternoon we took a short walk up the hill to where the Belle Star Lodge is situated.  The back of the lodge has a pretty great view of the area, so we soaked it in.  And soaked our clothes in sweat.  Did I mention how hot it was/still is? Oh my.

What else could we do after our walk but go swimming again!?  Since the pool was closed for maintenance, we went to a swimming area in the lake.  Clouds rolled in and even though it mercifully lowered the temperature a few degrees, it was still incredibly humid.  So a dip in the dark lake water felt refreshing.  Even with the rocks poking and scraping the bottoms of our feet. Note to self:  next time pack water shoes!

When we got back to our cabin, we started the process of seven people cleaning up (with one small bathroom it takes awhile!) so we could go out to eat in the nearest small town of Wilburton, OK.  The girls got cleaned up and settled in with a snack, and the next thing I knew they were drifting off to dreamland.

Hannah napping and Leah on her way out.  They were pooped!

Eventually we made our way into Wilburton to eat dinner at a local Mexican restaurant.  We didn't realize the town had an old movie theatre downtown which was showing Despicable Me, so after dinner we treated the kids to a movie.  We swore we would never be that couple who takes a baby into a movie, but we broke our own rules and took Lucas.  He fell asleep so it was no big deal.  Funny story from the movie:  At one point Mike tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to feel the back of his head.  Is it sticky?  He asked. In deed it was, but we didn't realize until the lights came on later that at one point the back of his chair had been taped together.  But the tape had long been ripped off leaving a huge glob of sticky residue behind.  Mike's whole shirt was covered in tape goo. Gross.  Oh well.  On the way home we all were treated to a beautiful sunset.  And all was right with the world.

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Anonymous said...

Poor Mikey!! What a way to watcha a movie: wondering what caused this stickiness. I'm sure some pretty unpleasant ideas passed through his mind!! Sounds like a very excellent vacation!!