Saturday, July 17, 2010

Vacation Recap:: Day Three

Day Three was an awesome day.  It just might be my favorite day of our trip.  The following is a list of the things we did and the number of pictures we took of each event:

Horseback Riding:  zero
Swimming:  zero
Hiking/Cave Exploring:  approximately 5,329

For some reason, we went nuts taking pictures and videos of our hike, but failed to take any the rest of the day.  I will say, going on a guided cave tour was pretty fun.  #1) It was great exercise.  #2) I love hearing the history of the area.  Did you know that Robbers Cave got its name because it was a legendary hideout for the infamous bank robber, Jesse James as well as female horse thief, Belle Star?  Well, now you do!
#3) We got to explore several of the caves along the way.  Caves are cool.  #4) The area is just beautiful and I always appreciate a good walk through nature. 

Me and my girls at the base of the mountain.  Rested and ready to go!

We climbed that!

On the way up....
The girls did great! 

Our guide pointed out the advantages of camping/hiding out at this spot.  One of which was that you could see smoke signals from across the valley.  Very handy.

Hannah and Leah listening intently.  I just want it stated that I was listening while Mike was pulling off these shenanigans. :)

My dad and I probably discussing how hot we both were.  I love, love, love that my dad wore his sweatband circa 1985.

Giving the thumbs up because we all made it through a very tight squeeze.  Literally.  A rather large gentlemen in front of us couldn't fit and had to turn around and climb down another way.  We all had to do some serious contortions.  Everyone except the girls who glided through like water.

Like I mentioned earlier, we also went horseback riding later in the day.  We took an hour ride through some rocky, but beautiful terrain.  Leah and Hannah rode by themselves and did a great job.  I followed behind them on my horse, Applejack, who we decided must have been a bit tipsy because she kept tripping and nearly giving me a heart attack.  Overall, it was fun. We laughed a lot and the girls, being such big fans of horses, were on cloud nine.

We finished the day with a cool swim in the pool followed by a cookout back at the cabin.  We were all so tired, every single person was in bed by 9:00 and asleep shortly after that.  I love full days like this.  Full of family and adventure and so much LIFE!

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heather said...

Love these pictures!!! So sweet of you and the girls! And I LOVE the one of you and your dad! I started laughing so hard when I saw it then read your comments! It reminds me of karate kid, especially with the trees in front of you guys! Its a classic!