Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hannah's Story

Last week it was Hannah's turn to have her sleepover at Grandma and PaPa's house.  Every Thursday night the girls take turns getting some special time with their grandparents and some time apart from each other.  It is something they really look forward to, and I love that my parents always think of ways to make the girls' time there extra special. 

When Hannah came home last Friday morning, she was so excited to show me the book the had made with Grandma.  She thought up a story, drew the illustrations, then dictated the words to my mom who wrote them down for her.  The result was the following story.  I think it is so cute!

Warning:  It is slightly similar to The Little Mermaid.  Sorry Hans Christian Andersen and Disney.  She doesn't understand copyright laws yet. 

I expect in a few years she will be signing her best selling novels at Barnes & Noble. 


affectioknit said...

I expect so too! That was adorable!

Maria Rose said...

What a creative little lady!