Saturday, July 10, 2010

LIVE On The Plaza

Yesterday evening we ventured out as a family to "LIVE On The Plaza."  This little area off of NW 16th street between Classen and Penn is a quaint section of town with a thriving art community.  There are vintage/antique stores, cafes, galleries, and retail shops selling local artwork and Made-In-Oklahoma products. The second Friday of every month all of these businesses are open late, local musicians play, and the street is full of people strolling along enjoying the evening.  After a rainy day, the sun peeked out just a bit, but the cool breeze and fresh rain scent remained making it a pleasant evening! 
Waiting for our food from Pops!
Smiling Boy (before he dumped an entire bottled water on himself!)
Rain washed sky

Another wonderful OKC Arts District is The Paseo.  Check out the Paseo Gallery Walk the first Friday of every month if you are in the area and support local art!


affectioknit said...

I love those matchy green dresses - and that smile!

Maria Rose said...

I love going to art nights!

Jacquelyn said...

Good for you. Those kids are more cultured than a lot of adults already. Fantastic.