Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Random Thought Tuesday

Today my brain is like a ball of yarn that needs to be unwound.  You know those days?  Where it feels like you can't put together a complete sentence?  Where you walk into a room in your house and then wonder why it was you entered that room in the first place?  Yeah, it's one of those days for me.  To help refocus my mushy mind, here are some random thoughts!

1.  I hosted a playgroup at my house this morning.  There were 11 moms and 27 kids here!  Did you hear that?  27 kids!!  But you know what-- it wasn't too bad!  Most of the boys were outside playing on the waterslide while most of the little girls were in Hannah and Leah's room playing with Barbies or stuffed animals.  And all the other kids were babies sitting on their mama's hip.  I have a great group of friends and they stayed to help clean up and put my house back together again.

2.  I am making the last few preparations for Lucas' first birthday party this weekend.  I can't even believe that we have had this little bundle of joy for a year now!  One year is not really that long, but I can't imagine our lives without seeing his sweet smile complete with his charming dimples.  He is our little light.

3.  Lady Gaga is playing here in OKC toinght and I kind of wish I was there.  Maybe if I had won some tickets perhaps.  She is so interesting to me.

4. I love, love, love iced tea.  The perfect tea for me is unsweetened, ice cold, and has a juicy lemon slice on top.  I am not a fan of sweet tea which is basically a sin down here in the south.  Ironically I like my coffee full of sugar and creamer!  I guess I am a walking caffiene-beverage contradiction!

5.  We watched the movie Book of Eli a few weeks ago and I still find myself thinking about it!  What an incredible twist in the end.  Denzel Washington did such a good job with the main character.  It did remind me of the book The Road by Cormac McCarthy (haven't seen that movie yet and not sure if i ever want to). Have any of you seen it? 

6. I finally started working out again. I've been doing a cardio/strength training class twice a week.  It has been kicking my booty!  But in a good way.  I've been going faithfully for nearly a month and have started to notice a few more defined muscles in my arms.  The only down side is that I keep fighting off shin splints.  I got new tennis shoes and that only helped a little.  Any suggestions? 

Ok, my mind feels a little less foggy just from rambling on here.  Thanks for listening!  What are some random thoughts floating around your minds tonight?


Tanda said...

27 kids! Oh MY!!!

Jacquelyn said...

1. I feel like that everyday. Or is it every day? siiigh. See??

2. I am ready to see you.

3. You need to see Inception. I'm sure Mike has already told you that, though.

4. I started the couch to 5k program to slowly get back into running in order to avoid splints and it's not helping. I'll show you some splint stretches Thursday.

5. I hung out with the cutest little 6 year old boy today. And honestly, he was way cooler than a 26 year old boy. Man. Setting the bar high, little guy.

Maria Rose said...

Wow that's a lot of kids, but how wonderful that you have so many friends!

Cordelia and I wish we could go to Lady Gaga too!

I figured out the twist with Book-o-Eli too early and it kind of ruined it for me. Otherwise it would've been a treat.