Saturday, May 1, 2010

First Hair Cut

Last week Lucas had his first official haircut.  My good friend, Lindsay, is a fabulous hair stylist.  She and I have known each other since elementary school.  She has cut my hair for over a decade now, and she also cuts my girls' hair, so of course she was the person of choice to give Lucas his first hair cut.   His hair was getting very long on top.  I would constantly have to sweep it over to the side to keep it out of his eyes, which had the effect of an old-man comb-over.  I tried to take a before photo, but he was pretty wiggly.  But I think you get the point.

Once seated, he just sat still and let Lindsay work her magic.

Eventually, his curiousity took over and he started reaching and grabbing for everything in sight.  This doesn't work so well when sharp scissors are nearby, so my other friend, Mary, grabbed a fluffy brush to distract him.  And the distraction worked just as we suspected.

Linsday gave my baby a great first haircut-- a "big boy" haircut.  And I do declare that he looks mighty dapper indeed.

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affectioknit said...

ADORABLE! very dapper indeed!