Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Look For An Old Nook

Mike and I built and moved in to our current home two and a half years ago. Since then, we have been slowly working on decorating each room in our home just the way we want it. One spot that has been sorely lacking in this area is our entry way. It has been an empty void of a space. I've wanted to find something to put in the entry way that 1.) makes it a warm and inviting place and 2.) shows off a bit of our personal style (which is simple, modern, and a bit funky). Last month, my parents gave us a table and we were finally able to pull a little something together.

The table had been "living" in my parents' den, but they are changing things up a bit, and needed to get rid of it. Gladly, we were able to take it off their hands. We hung Mike's painting on the wall this past summer, just before Lucas was born. So we added the table underneath. Mike picked up the lamp and the red clock at Target. He managed to score the clock for a mere $12. It was on a clearance aisle marked down from $40! I do love a good deal. And the small sculpture on the table was a gift from our dear friend upon her return from a trip to Africa.
My favorite piece is this calendar. We had it in our kitchen at our old house, but just hadn't found the right place for it here in our new home. Mike's aunt bought this calendar in San Francisco in 1970. She was there visiting her sister (Mike's mom) after the birth of Mike's older brother, Juan. It hung in her home until she moved several years ago at which point she gave it to us. Funny story about this calendar: it was the recipient of Hannah's first smiles. When Hannah was just six weeks old, I held her up to look at it after reading that newborn babies enjoy looking at black and white images. To my astonishment, she broke out into the biggest grin. And each time I would hold her up to look at this calendar, she would smile again. I love art with a story behind it.
For now these things have created a warm, friendly atmosphere. Finally this old, empty nook, has finally received a new look!

PS I took these photos on Feb. 9th (hence the date on the calendar). Today it does read the 18th, but you get the idea. It basically looks the same!


Joe and Talsie said...

I love your style! It is!

Heather@WoolandFlax said...

I remember that calendar! Love it!

affectioknit said...

I love the table and that calendar is awesome!

shanna said...

I logged into my goole reader for the first time in a while and scrolled down to read your blogs first :) I got all caught up on them and your family makes me smile! I LOVE the new CSI barbie series!!!!! ;) Love you sweet friend!

Me said...

You two are so creative and hip! Love the new stuff!