Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day (two days late!)

Ok,so it's not Valentine's Day anymore. But better late than never? I thought I'd share a few highlights from our wonderful, lovey dovey weekend.

The traditional funny Valentine's card from Grandma and Papa had us all giggling this year.

This was the first year the girls were able to write their own names on their Valentines for school. They worked really hard writing each and every one.

Lucas and I made it up to school for their Valentine's Day party (i.e. "crazy sugar rush party day"). He loved seeing his sisters!

My sweet girls.

Valentine's Day kicked off with another tradition: a scavenger hunt. This year, I was lazy and didn't get around to making the clues until midnight the night before. If I were to grade my hunt this year, I'd give myself a C. The girls enjoyed it, though. Because it eventually led them to this....

This year they each got a Zhu Zhu pet as well as a little "house" for their pets to share. The only available one at Target was the "Disco Room" so the girls' pets can dance the night away.
And of course, I celebrated with my big Valentine too. Mike brought me breakfast from Panera Sunday morning, and we spent the day just as we like to do: relaxing with our family. Because really, he's my Valentine every day, not just February 14th. :)

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Maria Rose said...

What a fun day. You have such a gorgeous family!