Monday, October 12, 2015

Use Your Energy

Yesterday our semi-pro soccer team, the OKC ENERGY, played in the Western Conference finals against the LA Galaxy. We got tickets for Mike, Lucas and I to attend. My girls weren't too jazzed about going, so our good friend/babysitter, Jacque, came to hang out with them and have a girls' night. 

Taft Stadium was packed with over 8,000 people in attendance. This is only the second year for OKC to have a soccer team, and I love the way our city (and state!) have rallied to support them. Lucas was totally into it and loved clapping, chanting and cheering. When the lady a few rows behind us yelled, "You suck!" after a questionable call by the ref, Lucas followed suit and quickly chimed in. 

Whoops! We had a quiet discussion about not yelling things like that and he got the message. But it was still kinda funny. 

Here's a highlight for me from last night--Coit's has returned! My entire life, Coit's Drive-In's were local restaurant staples in OKC, serving hot dogs, chili and frosty mugs of root beer. Sadly, they closed their stores a few years ago to the sounds of weeping in the streets. But recently, they have returned to the OKC food scene in the form of a food truck! Praise Jesus, Amen. I enjoyed myself a chili dog and a root beer and it was goooood.

Sadly, our Energy team fell 2-1 to the Galaxy. But they fought hard and had a great season. We are thinking of buying season tickets next year. I had no idea how much fun soccer could be until I married a soccer fanatic and gave birth to one too! 

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