Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tenkiller 2015

This fall break marked the seventh time we have gathered at my aunt and uncle's house at Lake Tenkiller in NE Oklahoma. Our good friends, the Reutlinger's (also from OKC) and the Miller's (from Dallas) meet up with us there every year for a week of togetherness and family fun. It truly feels more like hanging out with family for the week. Our nine kids have grown up together and get along great. And the six of us adults laugh and talk and play games. It's seriously one of my favorite things every year. 
Our days started and ended on this back patio--coffee and pajamas in the morning and a glass of wine or sangria in the evening. We may or may not have still been in our pajamas in the evening. Don't judge. 

Arriving late Wednesday afternoon after a three hour drive from Oklahoma City, we got unpacked and settled in. My aunt Mary and uncle John live in Tulsa and use the lake house all summer. They are not there as often during the school year, so they graciously let us use it! Their home is at the top of Buckhorn Mountain. The front yard gives a view of the lake while the back yard looks out into the woods. It's so very peaceful. 

Looking out into the woods from the back patio. 
Tradition states that we end every day with a sunset walk. 
The Millers brought their sailboat, so Thursday we hung out on the water all afternoon. It was unseasonably warm (90 degrees), so we actually let the kids swim! In October! 
Mike and Reed learning the ropes.

Nikki, Angie and I doing our sailing pose.
Proof that our kids actually swam in the lake in the fall. They said it was cold, but not too bad. This momma didn't jump in though! 
Later, after the kids were all in bed, we opted for Bananagrams and Sangria. We might have been singing, "Your Lips Taste Like Sangria" all evening. 
                Day Three breakfast. 
Four years ago we built this fort in the woods. Every year the kids add to it. They literally play in it all day breaking only to eat and go to the bathroom. The girls really beautified it this year! 
Silly girls: Leah, Hannah, Marlee and Madison
There was corn hole. Lots of corn hole. And jokes about saying "corn hole." 
Brian kissing his new pal, Bob the (fake) Bison. 
        Late night Clue. Mrs. White did it. 
Day Four started with pumpkin carving.
Then somehow transitioned into an adult pyramid and a Whip and Nae-Nae dance off.
        Our traditional soccer game. 
The old faithful playground nearby always gets a fair amount of abuse by our kids each year.
                  Yum s'mores!
                  Yuck, s'mores! 
Chicken Creek woods provided the perfect playground for hide and seek and capture the flag. There was lots of running followed by sore muscles the next day.
The Galloway Pumpkin at night. It's Rumble, the Bison--our NBA mascot. He looks a little more sinister here.
The kids! Ages 11,10,10,8,8,6,6,6,3
The ladies! I'm not going to show our ages, but they are all under 40 for now.....
                 The Galloways!
                 The Reutlingers!
                     The Millers!
Can't wait to do it again next year! Only 11 months away. :) 

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