Monday, March 9, 2015

What a Week

This last week has been a doozie. It has clearly reiterated how good it is that I am done working because I would have had to take practically every day off to care for my children. 

Last week included fever, diarrhea, a mysterious rash, a sliced foot, snow and ice, three trips to urgent care, and four prescriptions filled. Let's just say I'm on a first name basis with our Walgreen's pharmacist. 

So here's the skinny. We'll start with the fever/diarrhea/rash episode. Back in January, Lucas had strep throat. He took good old amoxicillin for ten days, felt better, the end. Or so we thought. About twelve days after finishing the amoxicillin, he tested positive for strep again. This time he took the antibiotic Omnicef for ten days. He felt better, but four days later he was running a fever, had the worst diarrhea ever, and had a horrible itchy rash all over his body. Back to the doctor we went, and turns out he was having a horrible allergic reaction to Omnicef. We were told to give him Benadryl and sent home. Three days later, the Benadryl was clearly not working because the rash was worse. In fact, his eyes were nearly swollen shut. After another trip to the doctor's office, we were told to give him a cocktail of Benadryl, Zantac and Prednisone and after 24 hours he finally saw relief. 
Lucas' back on day one
His legs on day two
His poor swollen face on day three. He didn't even look like himself! 
My happy boy back to his normal self. 

A few days later, we were at a friend's house and all the kids were running around barefoot outside playing tag. Hannah managed to slice the bottom of her foot wide open on an old metal trampoline base. For the record, I don't handle deep wounds well. Makes me want to gag. But I kept my cool, cleaned it out, placed a bandaid on it, and to the doctor we went yet again. He wanted to put a few stitches in it, but Hannah panicked and we opted for glue instead. The doctor cleaned and glued and bandaged that foot up. Hannah has managed to hobble her way to school in spite of her wound with the help of her sister and friends. Thankfully, her tetanus shot was still good, so no need for another one. But she is taking an antibiotic just to prevent any infection.
 Here's the foot. Hope you are not eating breakfast. 

When I signed up for this parenting thing, I could never have predicted weeks like this. Or how much your heart would break when you see your child hurt or suffering. This parenting thing is hard, can I get an amen?! 

Let's hope this week brings calm days and is full of good health! 


Sarah Purdy said...

Ooof! What a week! We've certainly had our share of bad weeks this winter, too. And now, as we have begun to receive all the bills, I'm in shock and grieving all over again.("Settled" by insurance...not so much! Ha! Hello husband's high deductible...ouch.) Boo-hoo hoo! Glad you were able to get that allergy under control - yikes!

Emily said...

Yeah, I'm thinking that this will be the year we actually meet our deductible!