Monday, March 16, 2015

A Blissful Birthday

Yesterday was Mike's birthday. This man of mine prefers mellow, chill birthdays with the family--no frills, no fuss, no parties. He craves these kind of days that recharge his batteries. So, after church, we grabbed some lunch then headed downtown to enjoy an afternoon outside. The weather was perfect. Sunny, blue skies, temps in the mid-70's. We started at the children's playground, then later we found a shady spot to spread out a quilt and relax. Lucas brought his soccer ball, and he and Mike played for awhile. There were people out everywhere. Kids playing, people riding bikes, sitting on park benches chatting, playing guitar. There was even a group riding around on Segways. It reminded me of a mini-Central Park!
Lucas on the G from the "Grow" statue
Yay for flowers!
The birthday boy and me
Our niece River was down from Tulsa for the weekend, so she joined us!
The girls built a house out of logs. Seriously, a pile of wood entertained them for a looong time.
Looking up 
Get your binoculars out and you can spot Mike & Lucas playing soccer on the field.
Happy Feet: River, Leah, me, Hannah
The girls made a few fairy houses.

This boy is always kicking.

We ended the day with some fro-yo and a movie at home--The Princess Bride, what could be better? 

This kind of relaxing day was just what this sweet husband of mine wanted. I am glad we got to spend the day exactly the way he wanted. 

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Sarah Purdy said...

That sounds like a perfect birthday! Happy birthday Mike! I love how creative your girls are!