Thursday, March 12, 2015

Driving and Deep Thoughts

There is a two mile stretch of road from my neighborhood to the highway that I drive at least once a day, sometimes more. As an example, by the end of today, I will have criss-crossed it four times. It used to be a pleasant two lane stretch with farmland and horses on one side and a row of tall trees lining the other side. I'd always enjoyed this little drive, noticing the trees budding in the early spring, enjoying the way they brought shade in the hot summer, their pretty golden color in the fall, and even the stark beauty of their bare branches in the winter months. 

Several months ago, our city embarked on a road expansion project widening this two lane road into four lanes. We live in the northern suburbs of Oklahoma City where housing developers are having a hay day making new neighborhoods and traffic has definitely increased. I'm sure the project is needed, and right now it's a full on construction zone--big trucks, orange cones and tons of Oklahoma red dirt. 

As often as I drive this road, I noticed today that all the trees that once lined this stretch are officially gone. I remember when the first few were uprooted, but seeing that entire length of road bare on one side made me a little sad. Those poor trees were just living happily, blooming, shading, growing and someone snatched them up and tossed them aside. Gone. Just like that.

Maybe I connected the tree loss to my own personal loss. One day my mom was here, living, breathing, existing, and the next day, poof! Gone. 

I don't really have any superb way of making this into a spiritual analogy or anything. But, thought I'd share why as I was driving today, I noticed the trees. And my heart hurt a little. 


Sarah Purdy said...

That IS sad! I hope they gently uprooted those trees and the trees will happily live out their days on a lovely farm surrounded by dogs and children and sheep and chickens. I hope the children will climb their branches and nap in their shade. I hope the chickens will peck at the insects around the base and the sheep rub away winter's coat on their trunk. I hope dogs lift up their leg and...uh...ok nevermind. I've officially taken this too far. Anyway, let's all decide those trees are living somewhere else now and delighting in their new forever home.

Emily said...

I like your thinking! And while we're at it. let's imagine an awesome tire swing hanging from one tree with a line of happy (not arguing about who is first in line) children waiting to enjoy it. :)