Monday, October 21, 2013


My kids are really good at asking the question "why?" 

Why do I have to go to bed every night?

Why is math important?

Why do girls wear bras?

Why are wasps so mean?

Tonight I thought I would share a few of my own "why?" questions. 
1. Why does my kitchen sink constantly look like this when we own a dishwasher?

--I started my day early this morning by unloading and reloading the dishwasher. Slowly it filled up again, and I ran it just before dinner. This pic was taken at 10:00 tonight as I walked into the kitchen to have my nightly bowl of cereal. I couldn't take it. I unloaded/reloaded again. It's my life apparently.

2. Why do I sometimes stupidly agree with someone when they clealy make a verbal mistake that I know to be wrong only because I don't want to make them feel like an idiot by pointing it out? It always comes back to bite me. 

Case in point: tonight I was at my ladies' Bible study, and I was talking to a very nice woman I just met this evening for the first time. In our conversation she said, "Oh, so last year you were in Elaine's class over at Heritage Baptist church?" Nope, my Bible Study leader's name last year was Mary, but like a dummy I smiled and nodded because I didn't want to point out her mistake with the name. Our conversation went on and then she said, "Oh wait! I didn't mean Elaine, I meant Mary!" And then I had to correct my own mistake. Like "oh yeah, I forgot too!" Why didn't I just say the right name to begin with?! Now that lady thinks I am crazy. Or maybe that I have a really bad memory. 

These are the pressing "why?" Questions on my brain tonight. You have any you want to share too?

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Sarah Purdy said...

Good questions! I swear those dishes multiply in the dark.